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Primo Resorts offers Manali special packages / holiday packages such as Standard Package, Glorious Manali Package, Honeymoon Package in Manali. Manali is a popular hill station in India that is tucked at a mighty height amid the natural hues of the Himachal Himalayas. During the peak tourist season Manali is one of the busiest tourist destinations in India and often the travellers stick by for the best Manali holiday packages. Up the hills Manali offers you a lifetime break from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The slushing Beas River cutting and running down the beguiling green valley, the far-fetched snow-capped mountain ranges and the traditional ambiance of the Malana village and Vashisht village are the major picks from our Manali tour packages. Nonetheless holiday in Manali also includes the sprawling beauty of the Kullu Valley and colonial ambiance of Shimla.

Manali Standard Package

Standard Package

Primo Resorts offers you 3 Nights and 4 Days Special Standard Package in Manali’s best hotel. For a push free excursion, you can investigate your alternatives for Manali standard package with us. We offer different administrations to help you make the most of your Manali family Holidays.

Glorious Manali Package

Primo Resorts offers you the best 4 Nights and 5 Days Glorious Manali Package in Manali. Manali is an immensely popular tourist destination in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Located in the Kullu district, the stunning mountain peaks and flourishing terrain attract adventure travellers.

honeymoon package manali

Honeymoon Package

Newlywed couple looks for a destination where they can have a great honeymoon. Manali’s best hotel welcomes all the couples for their honeymoons in Primo Resorts, Manali. Most couples prefer honeymoon package as it covers all facilities and services in one array.